Ways I can help:

Ways I can help:

Project Ideation and Discovery

Join Team (Quickly)

Responding to an RFP or building a pitch requires removing a creative resource from paid client work.

Establish Direction

Clients are asking about cutting-edge tech and pitching these ideas requires understanding limitations/potential and executional experience.

Lead Ideation

Once a client decides to move forward with a cutting-edge technical concept, finding and onboarding the resources for this can be time-consuming.

RFP Response and Pitch Development

Feasibility Assessment

I’ll help you determine if a project is something your team can handle internally and if not, which network resources you’ll need to say yes to it.

Pitch Deck Design

Pitch decks are projects themselves and the more hours put into one the better the chances of a win. Letting me handle your pitch deck design means not having to re-allocate resources.

Pitch Presentation

A pitch full of cutting edge tech is only as good as how well you can explain its value. I can read the room, adapt to client input, and teach and explain the pitch until it closes.

Production Partner Vetting and Referral

Network Management

I have maintained a network of collaborators and award-winning boutique agencies specializing in difference-making tech like AR, XM, Metaverse-design, Web3, and WebGL and have worked in a creative director capacity with each of them.

In-Depth Proposal

My partner network becomes invaluable during the feasibility-assessment stage of a pitch. Clients are asking for options with buzzword tech and this network helps generate in-depth, executable ideas.

Seamless Handoff

Once a pitch is won, the experts and specialists required to execute on the idea are available to follow through on a proposal to which they’ve contributed, minimizing onboarding and briefing processes.

Partner Network:

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